Trying to be Normal

Motivation is short-lived, Inspiration is not.

What's new here?

Deep Machine learning Artificial intelligence AI technology concept on virtual screen

Rainfall Runoff Modelling Using LSTM

What makes me happy?

  • Understanding the science of Hydrological Cycles and the impact of Climate Change on it

  • Modelling the science behind physical phenomenon using Conceptual, Physical and Machine Learning Model

  • Implementing the models to make predictions as early warning systems

What do I do for gratification?

  • I write about concepts on which I invest time to make things easier for others

  • I develop tools to expedite science, mostly related to modelling.

  • I work as a teaching assistant 2 days a week, creating exercises to impart concepts and make people think

3d rendering robot learning or machine learning with education hud interface

On my Mind

Understanding non stationarity

Working on trying to understand non-stationarity in extreme rainfall.

Details to be uploaded soon!

Hand touching CLIMATE CHANGE inscription, new business technology concept

How well can we model flows under Changing Climate?

Trying to understand how well can we deep learning models learn non-stationariity

Details to be uploaded soon!

How to develop tools to expedite science

Developing modelling and plotting tools for python.

Coming Soon!

Where to find me?

Twitter @mohitanand

Linkedin itsmohitanand

Github melioristic